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Ornamental Headpiece - Breachedbirth + Masks of Ash

Ornamental Headpiece returns with their debut full-length, Breachedbirth, paired here with a reissue of the long sold out and classic Masks of Ash demo.

Filth and scum black metal. Limitless in its expression. Lyrically depraved and musically undomesticated. c/o Damian Master (A Pregnant Light, Aksumite, etc.), and Jake Duhaime (Freedom, Citizen, etc.). Two gods clashing with everything.

Pressed on opaque red vinyl in Detroit, USA.
B-side mastered at 45RPM for total sonic devastation.
Includes double-sided piss-yellow cardstock insert, black dust jacket, and resealable polysleeve. Manufactured 100% in the USA, no cut corners.

With download.



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